Fr, 19.05.23, 23:30

This duo is unique in the world under this formula: Drums / Machines / Videos synchronized.  Children of the pink city (Toulouse – South of France), IPHAZE have built a very solid reputation in the world of the electronic music, in particular by developing an artistic project advocating the interactivity between live and video performance. The show is energetic, hyperactive and the tours have been chained for more 14 years (870 dates, 6 studio albums, 1 live album, 1 DVD, 2 EP and multiple tours at national and international)

True recognition of the public and professionals. The last opus "Arès" has opened the doors of the international (23 countries visited). Involved in its humanist and environmentalist positions, you will be surprised by the unique formula of their show that intelligently mixes live drums, electronic machines and synchronized videos accompanying a discourse resolutely open to the world. 

With the arrival of the 6th studio album on April 20th, 2020 (Recording and mixing at Los Angeles and Mastering in Amsterdam) and their many dates arround the world, the 10 years was a blast!!! IPHAZE is a innovative musical mastodon Bass Music! To be discovered urgently.


Patrice Cadiou (Toch): Sequencer, Sampler, Video, Graphics

Frederic Haffner (Fred): Drums and Electronic Drums


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